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Black Obsidian Crystal Protection Pyramid

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From the deepest depths of the Earth

Every once in a while, a power so strong builds up deep underneath the surface of the Earth that without warning, a volcano roars and lava erupts with an unstoppable force. Soon, the fiery energy subsides and the lava cools down, giving birth to the most mysterious stone — Black Obsidian.

Coming from deep within our planet, it’s a mighty stone that supports & protects, just like Mother Earth. Black Obsidian will shield you from turmoil and negativity as you navigate the deepest ocean of your soul, making it a powerful companion during intense spiritual growth.

 Black Obsidian Crystal Protection Pyramid

Teller of truth

Ready to face reality as it is? Harness the power of Black Obsidian to reawaken your inner warrior, break through the illusions you’ve been holding onto and start creating the life that fulfills your potential.

Not only does Black Obsidian reveal the inner truth — it also arms you with courage and confidence to look fear straight in the eye and deal with any challenges that arise head on. Truth isn’t always comfortable, but with the help of this stone you will be able to achieve more than you ever thought possible. 

Black Obsidian Crystal Protection Pyramid

Symbol of power & courage

If you want a powerful stone to give you the strength & support you need to continue your journey, look no further than Black Obsidian. Because its energy it’s so strong, you can simply place it anywhere in your house or office to feel the desired effect.

You can meditate, work or perform rituals in the presence of this stone. It’s a highly valued stone among collectors, and many use it as an eye-catching statement piece in home or office decor to liven up the space, add some mysterious vibes and exhibit confidence & power.


Black Obsidian Crystal Protection Pyramid

An unbreakable shield

For centuries, Black Obsidian has been used to absorb all the negative energy so it doesn’t interfere with your energetic body. When it comes to protective stones, THIS is the one you absolutely need to have in your collection.

Material: Obsidian
Color: Black
Stone size: 4*4 cm

Color shades can vary on all-natural stones. Please allow for slight variations.
Remember that all-natural gemstones reveal true beauty under direct sunlight.