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Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

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An ancient custom reinvented

Before there was life, there was water.
Infusing water with crystals is a practice with centuries of history behind it. Long ago, the Ancient Greeks would put gemstones at the bottoms of their water jugs to charge the water with positive vibrations.
While placing stones directly into drinking water poses health and safety risks, the age-old tradition of imbuing water with the power of crystals can still be enjoyed today.
With a protective barrier that prevents direct contact between water and crystals, the Crystal Elixir Water Bottle brings modern practicality to an ancient ritual, making it safe and easy to cleanse your soul of negativity with every sip you take.
Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

 Let positive energy flow to you

Water is a prolific messenger, delivering vitality and purification as it travels through the ecosystem.
Allow Nature’s most powerful emissary to bring you the blessings you need most by charging your water with the crystal that best meets your spiritual needs.
Fluorite, Obsidian, Amethyst, Garnet, Peridot, Citrine, and Rose Quartz each vibrate at their own distinct frequencies, bringing unique benefits when integrated with water. Choose the stone that calls out to you among them.

Amethyst: Calm • Intuition • Creativity • Sobriety
Obsidian: Truth • Pure Potentiality • Awareness • Protection
Rose Quartz: Unconditional Love • Harmony • Friendship
Fluorite: Consciousness • Justice • Restoration • Awareness
Peridot: Joy • Growth • Renewal • Motivation
Citrine: Inspiration • Success • Self-improvement
Garnet: Purifying • Commitment • Devotion • Trust
 Crystal Elixir Water Bottles

Spiritual support, wherever you need it

While many mindful rituals require quiet, isolated settings, the consumption of crystal-infused water is a practice that can be carried out anywhere.
Conveniently sized and made with a strong fabric loop for easy holding, the Crystal Elixir Water Bottle is the ideal vessel to carry the powers of your favorite crystals wherever life takes you.
Bring it to work, the gym, or any other destination to be filled with grounding energy amid the chaos of daily life.
Crystal Elixir Water Bottle


Bottle Capacity:  18.59 oz.

Color shades can vary on all natural stones, please allow for slight variations.