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Crown Chakra - The Full Guide
Crown chakra or “The Sahasrara” is one of seven chakras in your body and belongs to a complex system of energies and chakras. Sometimes, the Sahasrara chakra is described

Most Inspiring Spiritual Growth Quotes: The Ultimate Top 10!
There are a lot of spiritual quotes floating around the internet. Countless lists with hundreds of quotes - only to get lost in all of it and get ...

Spiritual Nail Designs: 9 Inspiring Ideas for You
Nail art took the world by storm since it was first described in ancient Greek myths. And it’s still here, without any intention to go away. Nail art can make your nails look healthy, beautiful, and unique.

Spiritual Cleansing with Life-Changing Books: THE TOP 5
Spiritual cleansing with life-changing books is a magical process. High-quality books can teach you spirituality, make you more mindful, push you out of your comfort zones, and even make

Aromatherapy with a Sacred Tree - Palo Santo Benefits and More
Also known as “Bursera graveolens” or “Holy Wood,” this wild palo santo tree is shrouded by shamanic mysticism and gifted with a powerful aroma. This blog post reveals palo santo benefits, uses, and spiritual aspects to smudging palo santo or using palo santo essential oil.