Meditation Symbols That You Need to Know & Use

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Meditation symbols are not just visual marks, signs, or words from the spiritual world. They hold specific meanings and can be powerful tools in the meditation practice. And they may be presented in jewelry, decor, any graphic format, or even chanted and visualized.

The variety of meditation symbols can help you elevate your mindfulness, reach higher states of consciousness, balance chakras, and more!

Let’s see the essential spiritual symbols that will surely enhance your meditation practice!

namaste symbol


Namaste comes from Sanskrit - it’s a greeting that means, “I offer my respect to you” or “I honor you.” This hand gesture is usually used to start and conclude the meditation practice.

It’s nothing more than two palms put close to each other; thus, namaste can easily be used while meditating.

With Namaste, you can express gratitude to the practice, to yourself and use it as a personal form of meditation. If this symbol helps you focus on the present moment or feel more thankful, don’t hesitate to use it more often while meditating.

OM symbol

OM Symbol

OM is one of the most powerful symbols of spirituality. Because of its significance, it is used extensively during meditation and sometimes yoga practices.

It is usually used as a continuous sound to represent the universe and the essence of our reality. OM is probably the most sacred symbol that is effectively used in meditation. It is like a powerful mantra, a sound of the universe that connects the mind and spirit to the essence of existence.

Best used in the beginning or at the end of the practice, this chant can take your meditation to the next level!

chakra symbol

Chakra Signs

There is a total of 7 Chakras in your body. Each chakra sign has its particular meaning and significance for different mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects.

Meditation is one of the routes to enlightenment and peace. And chakras have to be balanced to achieve total inner harmony. Therefore, chakra signs are one of the essential meditation symbols that you can use.

There are a couple of ways to engage in chakra balancing while meditating:

  • Think about the specific chakra and its color.

  • Concentrate the mind on the particular chakra area in the body.

  • One by one, visualize light flowing into each chakra.

Chakra symbols can also be on your jewelry, wall, or even on a meditation pillow during your practice. Creativity is all yours!

mandala symbol


The mandala symbolizes one’s spiritual journey that goes through various layers. It’s a colorful geometric configuration first used among Buddhist monks in their artwork in the first century BC.

Mandalas are often used as a spiritual guidance tool to establish a sacred space in various spiritual traditions. From these early times, the mandala has been a significant part of meditation in Hinduism and Buddhism religions.

To use this meditation symbol most effectively during the practice, sit in front of your mandala. Then gaze into your mandala and slowly close your eyes while focusing on the center of the mandala. The complex design of the mandala will absorb any unwanted thoughts and allow you to drift into a state of deep sleep more easily.

meditating Budha

Meditating Buddha

Meditating Buddha is probably the most recognized among meditation symbols. And it can symbolize a lot of different things for different people.

The main essence, however, is about following in the footsteps of compassion that buddha followed. Visualizing yourself as buddha during meditation is one of the ways to work on your kindness, empathy, and compassion.

Buddha also means the “awakened one,” which is a powerful concept. High-level meditation must is performed to achieve true mindfulness and be awakened - meditating buddha symbols, whether a statue, poster, or blanket, can help bring you closer to that goal.

lotus flower symbol

Lotus Flower

The Lotus flower is one of the most inspiring symbols of Buddhism. The flower represents purity, rebirth, self-regeneration, growth, and liberation - things that a person should seek to achieve through meditation.

Become a better version of yourself while meditating with this inspiring symbol. Because just like the lotus flower is rooted in muddy waters just to rise and blossom above, you can too rise and grow in any situation!

To enhance your meditation, wear jewelry with a lotus flower or imagine the flower unfolding in the center of your body.


Final Thoughts on Meditation Symbols

And there you go! Don’t hesitate to incorporate these meditation symbols into your meditation practice. The more meaning and inspiration you will give yourself during meditation, the better your spiritual development will be. You can also explore and use other signs such as the evil eye symbol to ward off evil intentions and negativity. Or simply meditate with various natural crystals and delightful aromas - the options are almost endless!

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