The Stone of Magic: Labradorite Properties & Spiritual Meaning

If you are looking for a powerful companion to a journey of awakening, then Labradorite stone should be your top pick. It is a stone of magic, a reminder that there is more to what we see and what it seems. The mystic that lies in the Labradorite’s very nature is a sign of a whole new world to unfold and a peek within a thin veil of reality and the unknown.


Labradorite Crystal Origins & History

Labradorite is an extraordinary Feldspar mineral known for its play of beautiful flashing colors of a rainbow.

The stone is named after a region in Canada - the “Labrador.” Here, the crystal was discovered in 1770 by Moravian missionaries. In further years, Labradorite crystal was found in other parts of Canada and the world, including Norway, Mexico, the US, and other countries.

In Finland, the Spectrolite (an uncommon variety of labradorite) was found by a sheer accident while a defense line was being built in the eastern border during World War II. Since then, Labradorite is not only considered to be one of the most beautiful stones found on this Earth’s surface, but is believed to carry a spiritual significance due to the uncommon circumstances of its appearance - just imagine, a magical stone unfolding amidst the war, a true gift of nature and the universe during tough times.


A Real “Stone of Magic”

The labradorite is a stone that is dearly loved by shamans and those who seek the universe to find their destination towards spirituality and finding the right path in life. A gem for those who seek positive vibrations and calm minds. Labradorite stone is a gift to the healers and those with divine hearts. The earth’s gift to travellers who are to explore and embrace the universe to seek knowledge and guidance.

The captivating beauty of the labradorite rocks colour display is called the “labradoressence”. This colouration is at the heart of the very nature of Labradorite and its meaning.

Blue labradorite, grey-green and pale green labradorite in colour are but a few of the many hues contained in this magnificent labradorite gemstone. These variations of colours could easily be related to almost every chakra. The holographic aspect and the wide display of colours is a sight to behold and will keep your gaze for hours!

Labradorite gemstone

The Labradorite Stone According to the Myth

According to the myth, a brave warrior was walking along the northern coastline. Once the night came, he witnessed a bright and mesmerizing aurora borealis, also known as the lights of the north. He was trapped in the rocks along the shore when he freed the spectrum of lights with the swing of his mighty spear.

However, not all colors were released from the sky that night, and some remained trapped for us to enjoy the magic of northern lights.

Legend has it that you now can hold the beauty and power of the aurora borealis in your hands because of this event.



The Dragon’s Heart Stone

The labradorite stone is heavily linked to dragon symbolism which creates a unique labradorite crystal meaning. The legend of Dragon’s Heart Stone is inspired by Labradorite’s power that can intensify intuition and psychic powers, making it great for working with the third eye chakra.

Dragon’s heart stone is a powerful combination that can connect with one’s higher consciousness and intuition and channel a person’s capability and ability to communicate with the spirit world.

Wear Labradorite stone and become a dragon within yourself!


Labradorite Chakra Healing, Balancing of Energy and Protective Powers

Labradorite’s strong energy frequencies can work and balance the throat chakra. The crystal’s powerful energy and different colors also allow you to tap into other chakras and express yourself in new ways.

Labradorite stone has a reputation for being one of the best crystals for spiritual protection. Labradorite is renowned for its ability to cleanse and refresh the aura in any space. That’s why this stone is widely used as a healing crystal in various therapies.

Besides throat chakra, the Labradorite’s metaphysical properties can strongly connect with the crown chakra and balance it. This results in a relaxed mind and smooth energy flow through our bodies.

What about third eye chakra? The most sacred chakra of all can be enhanced, and your intuition can be boosted by placing Labradorite gemstone on the third eye chakra. Practicing spirituality with Labradorite and Third Eye Chakra will deepen your focus during meditation and bring you closer to higher realms of spirituality.

Besides Labradorite’s benefits and mesmerizing looks, this crystal is excellent for battling negative energies and calming emotions.

Labradorite Palm Stones

Labradorite Metaphysical Meaning and Spirituality

The labradorite is a gift for the soul that infuses our soul with inspiring energy. Labradorite properties and spiritual energy will allow you to reach the depths of your inner-self where higher consciousness and full potential resides. This means that Labradorite is essentially a stone of transformation, an eye of wisdom through which a new world can be discovered.

Using a labradorite palm stone will enhance psychic abilities, stimulate creativity, and give you a particular passion to explore this world and your spirituality - making this stone perfect for scrying and meditation.

Keep Labradorite crystal near you or in your hands during meditation, and it will become a powerful tool for detecting visions, enhancing prophecy, revelation, and divination.


Harness Lunar Energy with Labradorite Properties

Don’t hesitate to work with moon energy and harness Lunar energy connected with the power of Labradorite.

The labradorite’s properties can become even more protective when combined with vibrational frequencies during a particular moon phase.

Whether your vibrational frequency is positive or negative, it’s all about tapping into the magic of Labradorite and the Moon to enhance your abilities and crystal’s properties.

Dragons heart labradorite necklace

The Labradorite Heart

Who would have thought that an attempt to make the labradorite look cute by giving it the shape of the heart would give another significant addition to the labradorite’s healing properties and meaning?

The symbol of a heart is one of the most important aspects of spirituality as it acts as a sort of gateway into higher dimensions both within and outside of ourselves. The heart is the center of pure love and creation. The heart symbol, combined with the labradorite’s majestic and expensive power and properties, depicts a divine and universal love.

The labradorite heart is best for healers, lightworkers, and those who work with people on a heart level. Labradorite, in this aspect, focuses on the bearer’s purity, intention, dedication, and divine love that will eventually be passed on to the people they dedicate their time working with.



The Extraordinary Labradorite Jewelry

Jewelry has always been an important part of our self-expression, spirituality, and society as a whole. Ancient civilizations such as Incas, Aztecs, Egyptians, and Greeks already crafted and wore jewelry for spiritual purposes.

If you want to look stunning, make a spiritual statement and connect to Labradorite’s properties, then highly consider wearing Labradorite jewelry.

Authentic and genuine Labradorite jewelry such as this necklace will have a profound spiritual effect on you. Wear Labradorite jewelry daily or while doing spiritual practice to take your spirit to new heights.

Labradorite jewelry pieces will also protect the aura around you by creating a barrier that holds the energy in. It’s a beautiful way to make your spiritual bubble full of joy, peace, and spontaneity!



We are sure that you are ready to explore the world of spirituality and take those Labradorite properties with you. Nature is full of intriguing spectacles and magical creations that radiate energy frequencies and inspires us to a better version of ourselves by living mindfully. And Labradorite is, without a doubt, one of those creations.

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