Connect to Your September Birthstone: Sapphire’s Properties & More

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For centuries, the September’s Birthstone sapphire symbolized royalty and captivated many cultures. Persians believed our planet rested on a giant sapphire stone, while for ancient Greeks & Romans, sapphire was a shield of protection from harm.

But through all these different meanings and symbols, sapphire always stayed true to its strong spiritual energy and luxurious looks.

In this article, you’ll find out the essential features of sapphire - its spirituality, zodiac sign connection, properties, origins, and how it’s connected to romance.

If you are born in September, this birthstone will truly become special for you. Keep reading and connect to your birthstone!




September Birthstone Colors, Properties & Origins

Origins of Sapphire have a few different variations. Coming from the Latin word “sapphirus” and Greek “sappheeiros,” it means “blue stone.” However, some believe it originates from Sanskrit, meaning “dear to Saturn.”

Whichever case may be, sapphire is remarkable for sure. It is incredibly durable with a nine on the Mohs scale and has various elements within itself. The iron, titanium, copper, magnesium, and other components give a sapphire a range of colors - from blue and yellow to orange, pink, and purple.

The location of sapphire is diverse, stretching around the world. The gemstone is mined in Myanmar, Czech Republic, Brazil, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Thailand, Canada, and Madagascar.




A Touch of Royalty & Luxury

Sapphire is a precious gemstone and is sometimes referred to as the “Stone of Royalty.” And it has been a symbol of royalty and luxury since early times.

One of the most famous sapphire engagement rings was worn by Princess Diana from the Royal Family. This massive deep blue sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds indeed made its mark on history!

If you seek more sparkle and a touch of luxury in your life, the rich blue sapphire will certainly provide that. Sapphire is easily one of the most pretty modern birthstones out there.

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Strong Connection to Romance

Sapphire is one of the most used gems for engagement rings. And that’s not by accident. The royal blue and pink sapphire are mainly connected to romance.

Blue sapphire can work with the throat chakra, enhancing self-expression and individuality. This works perfectly when romantic feelings and words are difficult to express.

Blue sapphire is also believed to activate the third eye chakra. How does it relate to romance? The Third Eye draws a lot of energy from love and beauty. Working with the third eye and sapphire can be a dynamic force for spiritual growth, healthy relationships, and romance.




Spirituality in Sapphire

Spiritually, blue colors in sapphire are once again the most valued.

The healing energy of blue sapphire is related to mental clarity and depth of thought. It is believed that blue sapphire strongly stimulates concentration, creativity and protects against unwanted thoughts. With sapphire crystal, the focus and calm in mind can come naturally.

Sapphire also works with the throat chakra and third eye chakra. Through meditation and reiki practice, you can highly improve any form of voice healing, self-expression, and spiritual communication.

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The Incredible Sapphire Jewelry

Wearing a sapphire crystal on your body is a great way to work with its energy. Especially consider wearing blue sapphire on your neck- to foster the connection to the throat chakra.

Start expressing yourself like never before!

Throughout history, sapphire stone has also been worn as a talisman of protection from harm. Whether it’s a ring or a necklace, you may want to wear sapphire jewelry for protection purposes. You will undoubtedly feel the strong symbolism and historical importance.

The best thing about sapphire jewelry is the sparkling looks and stone’s durability. Sapphire is almost as durable as a diamond which is the most durable mineral! You’ll enjoy the magnificent sapphire jewelry for a long time.




Zodiac Signs & September Birthstone

Two zodiac signs share the September month and the sapphire as their birthstone: Virgo and Libra. The sapphire can become an exceptional gemstone that connects to strengths and fights weaknesses for both zodiacs.

For Virgo, their detail-oriented and intelligent traits work perfectly with the stone of wisdom that is sapphire. Their expectations are usually nothing less than perfect too. Virgo will certainly appreciate high-quality sapphire jewelry that radiates perfection, royalty, and intelligence.

For Libra, it is all about balance, peaceful intentions, and fighting for justice. Sapphire gemstone can be great for enhancing self-expression about equality and other world issues. The royal gem can also help Libra boost confidence in its ambitions.





Sapphire is one of the most fascinating gems among birthstones. It is thriving in jewelry, spirituality and electronics, watches, and scientific instruments. If you are born in September, don’t hesitate to align your energy with this incredible birthstone.

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