Black Tourmaline Stone: Benefits and Metaphysical Properties

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In the world of crystals, black tourmaline is known as the root of chakras, which means that it has direct connections to the most important parts of the human body including the heart and other vital organs.

But did you know how to use this crystal in order for you to heal and grow your spiritual self into balanced energy?

Keep on reading and find out how you can use black tourmaline to your advantage, what are the healing properties of this crystal, how to identify it and cleanse it!


When to use black tourmaline?

We are all experiencing constant changes in our moods, environments, and relationships. These changes even though sometimes seem to be positive ones may bring to our lives bits of negativity that eventually fall into a big pile of unpleasant feelings that we cannot simply explain.

So if you ever feel tired or down simply because this negative field of energy is coming at you, this is where you have to use your black tourmaline crystal. Because this crystal is so powerful in protecting you from bad energies it is also great to use it whenever you know that you’re meeting a person or visiting a place that simply does not sit well with your heart.

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Where does black tourmaline stone come from?

Normally black tourmaline crystals can be found in countries like Africa, Pakistan, Brazil, and the United States but also many other places all around the world. Even though black tourmaline was known for many decades before, its popularity grew during the 18th century. The reason for that was because during that time scientists found out that it is possible to charge tourmaline with positive energies. However, even before that, our ancestors knew that black tourmaline has the ability to protect, therefore it always took a big part in rituals and ceremonies at the time.

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How to identify black tourmaline stone?

It is pretty easy to identify black tourmaline stone because of its specific structure, color, and texture.

First of all, when taking a look at the black tourmaline, place it near the bright light to see if it’s not a green tourmaline because black tourmaline will not change its color. Also, take a look at the texture of the stone; it has to be chunky with visible striations all over its surface.

These stones are formed in the wet environment and they most often will have some inclusions.

However, if in doubt, it is always best to examine your stone with a scratch test. Simply scratch your stone with a needle and you will know if it’s a real crystal stone because there shouldn’t be any scratches on the real material as it would appear on a plastic or glass but not tourmaline.

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Black Tourmaline metaphysical properties

On the metaphysical level, black tourmaline has many benefits that heal your soul, spirit, and mind.

Even in ancient times, tourmaline was used by shamans and healers to protect themselves. Besides protection from bad energy, black tourmaline cleanses your aura, helps you to clear all of the negative thoughts, works as a nightmare guard, releases anger, increases your self-worth, purifies your mind and thoughts, and absorbs anything negative that you need to release. Moreover, it is not just a personal bodyguard from negative energies and entities but it is also powerful when protecting your home and space shielding you from all negativity that may approach.


Black Tourmaline healing properties

Depending on how you use it, this crystal has a variety of physically healing properties. If you place black tourmaline in the bedroom it can help you sleep better and feel more rested in the morning. That is because black tourmaline contains iron and improves the vibration of the air. Due to the same properties black tourmaline is able to protect you from electromagnetic radiation coming from electrical gadgets such as cell phones or computers.

Also because black tourmaline can cleanse you from negative energy you are left with a perfectly balanced mind which allows you to increase your concentration and promotes a healthy mood. The iron particles in this crystal also result in improvement of circulation because vibration allows bodily fluids two circulate properly.

Protecting you from all negativity results in a better immune system which reduces anxiety and stress. When drinking water that’s been treated with black tourmaline crystals you get benefits of reduction of bloating, weight loss, detoxification from pollutants, and even heavy metals.

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How to cleanse black tourmaline?

As you know many crystals have either protective or absorbing properties. While black tourmaline has both and for this reason it is very important to cleanse your crystal. You can cleanse your crystal in two simple ways. You can either bury it in sea salt and leave it overnight or mix salt and water and sink it into it.

Remember, the salt that you use to cleanse your black tourmaline crystal should be thrown away because it has now absorbed all the negative energy that was first absorbed by the crystal. If after cleansing it you feel that your tourmaline crystal is not as shiny and does not bring you the same energy that is used to it means that you have to recharge it which you can do by simply putting it under direct sunlight.



Black tourmaline and meditation

Because this crystal is a very powerful stone, you can work with black tourmaline especially during your meditations. In general, you might know that crystals are a great companion when meditating and that is because of their healing and energy balancing abilities.

In that sense, black tourmaline benefits the most out of many crystals because during meditation you can set all your intentions to release negative energy and work towards that, whereas black tourmaline properties such as absorption of those energies will take that negativity from your mind creating an inner harmony.

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How to use black tourmaline?

The most popular and easiest way to use black tourmaline is to wear jewelry made from it. For example, a bracelet that’s made from black tourmaline should be worn on your wrist because in that way it has a direct connection to your arteries that connects to the heart and this will increase its physical benefits. Furthermore, another way to use black tourmaline is to keep it in your water in order to make a gem elixir which you can then use as a spray. You can also keep black tourmaline crystals anywhere at your home for example bedroom to ensure your protection while you’re in a vulnerable state.

If you want to introduce black tourmaline into your daily life, ensure your protection, and benefit from all the positive properties that this crystal gives check out our jewelry made from real quality black tourmaline crystals derived from nature.

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Final thoughts

We hope that you have got a better understanding of how black tourmaline can benefit your daily life, routines, or even certain conditions.

Don’t forget that negative energy as same as a positive one is surrounding us everywhere we go thus, it is important to clean our spaces, cleanse them, be open for positivity that is meant for us, and accept this protective gift that our nature has created for us in the form of crystals!

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