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Most Powerful & Pretty Green Crystals in 2021
There are a lot of green crystals out there. But which of these green stones are most pretty and powerful? Dive deep into our top 10 list and explore green gemstones that are most profound spiritually and aesthetically.

Everything About The Purple Amethyst Crystal
If you’re looking to know everything about the purple Amethyst crystal, then this is your ultimate stop. In this blog post, we reveal everything you need to know about the Amethyst stone, its properties, how to care for it, and so much more! Become an expert on Amethyst crystal with one stop on our website!

December Birthstones: The Shining Blue Trio
December is one of the most amazing months when it comes to birthstones. December birthstones come in a beautiful variety- Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise. This shining trio of crystals creates a dance of stunning blue colors and shades! Wait no longer and get to know December birthstone colors, meaning, and more!

Rose Quartz Meaning and Properties - The Ultimate Guide
Did you know that Mother Earth has created over 4,000 naturally occurring crystals and stones with unique chemical compositions, crystalline structures, and individual elements?

All-time Best Crystals for Protection: The Ultimate Top 5
Crystals are incredibly versatile: from sparkling jewelry to beautiful home decor and healing on a spiritual level. But if there was one feature ...

October Birthstone Guide: Meet Your Gemstones & Know Their Properties
Those born in October can enjoy two incredible gems as their birthstones - Tourmaline and Opal! A lot of exciting information, characteristics, p...

Different Crystal Shapes and Their Meaning
Crystals come in many different colors, sizes, and shapes, and just like the colors of the crystals have essential meanings, crystal shapes matter too!

November Birthstone Guide - Citrine and Topaz Crystals
Dive deep into the spirituality and properties of Citrine and Topaz crystals with this November Birthstone Guide.

How To Activate Crystals: Full Guide With 5 Actionable Steps!
For crystals and their energy to shine, you have to activate and re-charge them once in a while. Once your crystals are activated, their ene...

Connect to Your September Birthstone: Sapphire’s Properties & More
For centuries, the September’s Birthstone sapphire symbolized royalty and captivated many cultures. Persians believed our planet rested on a giant sapphire stone, while for ancient Greeks & Romans, sapphire was a shield of protection from harm.

Attract More Loving Energy with these Crystals for Couples
Maintaining a healthy relationship seems to be more difficult than ever. It could be negativity, differing values, lack of trust, poor communication, and so on.

Everything About Citrine Stone Meaning & More
Citrine crystal is a variety of quartz minerals that is mainly loved for its vibrant yellow hues. But how about healing properties of citrine, citrine stone meaning, and overall spirituality?